NETZERO+ Compact Heat Pump

NETZERO+ Compact Heat Pump

Geothermal Application: Heat Pumps, Residential

Geothermal NetZero Compact range of ground source heat pumps enables you to reduce a home’s energy consumption by up to 80%, utilizing a renewable energy source that minimizes CO2 emissions. The compact and easily installable heat pump, developed over several years by our expert team, retains all the controls necessary for regulating your home’s temperature. With inverter technology and NetZero control strategies, this water-to-water heat pump stands out as the most versatile and intelligent option on the market. In contrast to traditional heat pumps, the NetZero adapts to the specific requirements of each installation.

The geothermal heat pump has versatile applications, making it a comprehensive solution for various needs.

  1. Heating: The system excels in providing efficient and reliable heating for spaces, ensuring a comfortable environment during colder seasons.
  2. DHW (Domestic Hot Water): It is designed to meet the demands for domestic hot water, offering an energy-efficient solution for everyday water heating needs within the home.
  3. Active and Passive Cooling: The heat pump is equipped to handle both active and passive cooling, providing flexibility in maintaining optimal temperatures during warmer weather. Active cooling involves the traditional cooling process, while passive cooling utilizes innovative methods to naturally regulate indoor temperatures.
  4. Pool/Spa Heating: This system extends its functionality to heating pools and spas, offering a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for maintaining comfortable water temperatures in recreational areas.

NETZERO+ Compact Heat Pump Features

  • Active heating and cooling: Ensures efficient temperature regulation for both heating and cooling needs.
  • Ground-Source, Aerothermal-Source, or Hybrid mode: Provides flexibility in choosing the heat source, catering to various environmental conditions.
  • Built-in 165-litre DHW stainless steel tank: Includes an integrated tank with a helical coil heat exchanger for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) needs.
  • Integrated cascade control of up to 3 units: Allows seamless coordination and control of multiple units for enhanced performance.
  • Carel inverter technology: Incorporates advanced inverter technology for precise and energy-efficient operation.
  • Copeland scroll compressor: Utilizes a reliable and high-performance compressor for effective heat transfer.
  • pCOOEM+ Carel control: Integrates an advanced control system for enhanced monitoring and management.
  • DHW via patented HTR technology: Utilizes patented technology for efficient Domestic Hot Water (DHW) production.
  • Passive cooling (optional) and Pool/Spa heating: Offers optional passive cooling and extends functionality to pool and spa heating.
  • 3-way valve for heat/DHW generation: Facilitates the generation of heat and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) through a versatile valve system.
  • Electronic expansion valve: Incorporates an electronic expansion valve for precise control of refrigerant flow.
  • Integrated variable speed circulator pumps: Includes variable speed circulator pumps for optimized water circulation.
  • Alfal Lavel asymmetrical plate hx: Features an asymmetrical plate heat exchanger for efficient heat transfer.
  • Built-in noise insulation kit: Ensures quiet operation through a built-in noise insulation kit.
  • Easynet WiFi internet connectivity: Enables internet connectivity for convenient remote monitoring and control.
  • Built-in energy meters: Includes built-in meters for accurate measurement and tracking of energy consumption.

NETZERO+ Compact Heat Pump Technical

  • Applications: Heating, DHW, Active and Passive Cooling, Pool/Spa Heating
  • COP: 4.9 / 4.6
  • Power: 1-9 kW / 3-12 kW / 5-22 kW
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Power supply: Single-phase 230V-60 Hz
  • Weight: 247 – 255 Kg
  • Noise level: 35 to 46 dB

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