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Netzero GeothermalWaterFurnace Geothermal

West Coast Geothermal proudly stands as Western Canada’s largest dealer for WaterFurnace and NetZero geothermal heat pumps, renowned for their quality and efficiency. Our comprehensive services extend beyond sales, encompassing expert installation, bespoke design solutions, and dedicated after-sales support. With us, you’re choosing a partner committed to excellence in every aspect of geothermal heating and cooling.

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  • Indoor Split Heating & Cooling

    7 Series 700R11 Indoor Split

    The Pinnacle of Indoor Split Systems with Variable Capacity Technology

    Experience unparalleled comfort and performance with the WaterFurnace 7 Series, arguably the most sophisticated heating and cooling system available today. Designed for those who demand nothing but the best, the 7 Series embodies excellence, crafted using state-of-the-art technologies and the highest quality standards.

  • Geothermal Heat Pump

    Heat pump ecoGEO+ 1-6 PRO

    As an authorized dealer, distributor, and installer, West Coast Geothermal proudly presents the ecoGEO+ PRO ground source heat pump, a groundbreaking innovation in sustainable home and commercial heating. This cutting-edge heat pump is the first of its kind to utilize a natural refrigerant for ground source applications, ensuring your installation is eco-friendly and efficient without any indoor installation limitations.

  • Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump 300

    Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump Versatec 300

    The Versatec 300 from WaterFurnace stands out as a true value proposition in commercial water source geothermal heat pumps. Engineered for both retrofit and new construction, it offers high efficiency in a compact design, exceeding ASHRAE 90.1 standards while utilizing eco-friendly R410A refrigerant. Its versatility, combined with a range of capacities and advanced features, makes the Versatec 300 a smart choice for efficient and reliable heating and cooling solutions.

  • Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump

    Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump Versatec 500 WSHP

    The Versatec 500 Water Source Heat Pump by WaterFurnace represents a significant leap in geothermal technology, blending compact design with robust functionality. Its reduced footprint, innovative components like the high-efficiency plenum fan, brushless DC electric motor, and advanced Aurora controls, make it a standout choice for both retrofit and new constructions. Ideal for space-conscious projects, the Versatec 500 ensures efficient, quiet, and reliable operation, setting a new standard in the geothermal heat pump market.

  • Versatec 700 WSHP Variable Speed

    The Versatec 700 WSHP from WaterFurnace marks a breakthrough in commercial geothermal technology, offering unparalleled efficiency through its advanced variable speed technology and variable capacity compressors. Designed to provide precise temperature control and active dehumidification, it ensures optimal performance in all conditions with a capacity range of 25-100%. Featuring customizable factory-installed options, including a water side economizer, and equipped with Aurora controls for comprehensive system monitoring, the Versatec 700 sets a new standard in reliable, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions.

  • NetZeo high power heat pump for Geothermal

    NetZero high power ground-source heat pump

    The versatile geothermal heat pump offers multi-source capabilities, drawing from ground-source, aerothermal-source, and hybrid modes. With features such as inverter technology, a scroll compressor, and integrated variable speed circulator pumps, it ensures efficient and effective heating and cooling. The system also caters to passive cooling, external pool/spa heating, and domestic hot water (DHW) via an external indirect tank. 

  • NetZero Geothermal Compact

    NETZERO+ Compact Heat Pump

    Elevate your home comfort to unprecedented levels with our cutting-edge ground source heat pump, boasting advanced features and benefits. Harness the power of Carel inverter technology and a reliable Copeland scroll compressor for optimal energy efficiency and precise temperature control. Enjoy versatility with applications ranging from active heating and cooling to optional passive cooling and pool/spa heating. The system’s innovative design includes a built-in 165-litre DHW stainless steel tank, ensuring a continuous supply of Domestic Hot Water. With integrated cascade control, noise insulation, and Easynet WiFi connectivity, this ground-breaking solution redefines smart and sustainable home heating.

  • Geothermal Heat Pump

    NetZero Ground Source Heat Pump

    Ecoforest’s ground source geothermal heat pump series offers a versatile and intelligent solution for residential spaces. With power ranges from 1-9 kW to 5-22 kW, these pumps provide efficient heating with a performance (COP) of up to 4.9. Controlled through the internet using the ecoSMART easynet module, these pumps are compatible with energy managers for renewable electricity use. The ecoGEO series boasts active and passive cooling options, domestic hot water production, and integrated cascade control of up to 3 units. Its compact design and adaptability make it a standout choice for sustainable and intelligent heating and cooling solutions.

  • Geothermal Heat Pump

    NetZero + Air Unit AU12

    Aerothermal unit that allows ecoGEO heat pumps to use external air as source of energy.In installations where the geothermal option is limited or not available, the air unit AU12 is the solution. This unit allows the ecoGEO heat pumps to use external air as source of energy.

    The AU12 is equipped with a very silent and highly efficient axial Ziehl-Abegg fan, that with our exclusive defrost technology allows to significantly increase the seasonal performance factor (SPF). This system completely eliminates the idle times of the heat pump during defrost cycle, because isn’t necessary to invert the refrigerant cycle or to activate external electrical heaters during the process.

  • ClimateMaster GeoThermal Heating

    Climatemaster Tranquility 16

    With one of the smallest cabinets in the industry, the Tranquility® 16 Compact (TC) Series will easily fit into tight spaces. Designed to be backward compatible with thousands of older water-source heat pumps, the Tranquility® 16 Compact (TC) Series heat pump is packed full of the innovation you have come to expect from the experts at ClimateMaster.

  • Waterfurnace Geothermal Synergy 3d

    Waterfurnace Synergy 3D

    Discover unparalleled comfort with the WaterFurnace Synergy3D series—an all-in-one solution offering forced air heating, cooling, and hydronic heat for radiant floors. Engineered with cutting-edge components, it sets a new standard for efficiency. With the potential for energy savings up to 70%, the Synergy3D outperforms ordinary furnaces and air conditioners. Paired with advanced thermostats and an integrated monitoring system, it delivers optimal comfort and reliability. Embrace smart technology that harnesses the earth as a free energy source, ensuring both eco-friendly operation and superior performance.

  • WaterFurnace VersaTec

    Waterfurnace Versatec Ultra

    The Versatec Ultra series stands as a cutting-edge solution in commercial water source heat pumps (WSHP), delivering high efficiency and unmatched versatility for both retrofit and new construction applications. With a capacity range from ¾ to 6 tons, it achieves up to 18.5 EER and 3.8 COP, exceeding ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies and carrying the Energy Star rating. Operating with environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, this series is designed to seamlessly fit the footprint of older equipment while harnessing the efficiency of today’s technology. Explore the diverse capacities, cabinet sizes, and factory-installed options, ensuring unparalleled flexibility for your application needs.

  • Waterfurnace 5 Series indoor Split

    Embark on a journey to unmatched comfort and efficiency with our 5 Series® Indoor Split – the pinnacle of geothermal excellence. This system, an evolution from our Envision line, exemplifies top-tier features and efficiencies, boasting an impressive 25.3 EER and 4.4 COP. With three decades of WaterFurnace expertise, each unit undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring flawless startup performance and is backed by industry-leading warranties.

    The 500R11, meticulously engineered for challenging spaces like attics or crawl spaces, seamlessly integrates with the WaterFurnace NAH Air Handler. Beyond delivering ultra-efficient heating and cooling, this system addresses your home’s hot water needs. Perfect for extreme cold climates, it transitions effortlessly between renewable earth energy and fossil fuels during the coldest winter periods, earning its well-deserved ENERGY STAR rating. Elevate your home comfort experience with the 5 Series® Indoor Split – where reliability, efficiency, and unparalleled performance converge in a geothermal masterpiece by WaterFurnace.

  • Waterfurnace NDW Water to Water

    Discover unparalleled luxury in home heating and cooling with the Envision Series NDW. Designed to cater to the high-volume water demands of contemporary larger homes, this geothermal system not only delivers exceptional performance but also boasts key features that redefine home comfort. From radiant floor heating that envelops you in warmth during chilly days to efficient domestic hot water production and cost-effective pool heating, the Envision Series NDW is a versatile solution for modern living.

    Experience the ultimate in geothermal technology, offering dual capacity for various applications and advanced specifications that guarantee optimal performance. As an authorized dealer, West Coast Geothermal is proud to bring this cutting-edge system to Western Canada, providing comprehensive services, including installation, design, and ongoing support. Elevate your home’s luxury, embrace sustainable living, and trust in the Envision Series NDW for a new era of home comfort.

  • Waterfurnace 5 Series Water to Water

    Experience the pinnacle of home comfort with WaterFurnace’s Envision Series NDW. Tailored for larger homes, this geothermal system delivers unmatched heating and cooling performance, making it an ideal choice for high-volume water demands. Enjoy luxurious comfort with radiant floor heating, efficient domestic hot water production, cost-effective pool heating, and reliable snow and ice melt capabilities. Advanced specifications, including dual capacity geothermal and premier microprocessor with onboard diagnostics, make the Envision Series NDW a cutting-edge solution for your home’s comfort needs. Elevate your living experience with sustainability, energy efficiency, and unparalleled performance. West Coast Geothermal, serving as your trusted partner, ensures your home embraces the future of comfort with this state-of-the-art technology.

  • Waterfurnace Geothermal

    Waterfurnace 7 Series

    The WaterFurnace 7 Series™ is quite possibly the most advanced heating and cooling system on the planet. It provides homeowners the ultimate in comfort and performance and represents our finest products.

  • Waterfurnace Geothermal Heat Pump

    Waterfurnace 5 Series

    The 5 Series stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering top-tier geothermal solutions. Featuring the versatile 500A11 model, this series offers a choice between single speed and dual capacity, available in various sizes and configurations to seamlessly integrate into any home. Engineered to excel in any climate, your WaterFurnace system from the 5 Series promises consistent, high-performance heating and cooling year-round.

  • Waterfurnace 3 Series

    WaterFurnace 3 Series units benefit from technology that’s been refined through 30 years of research, engineering advancements, and manufacturing experience—all at a great price point. The dual capacity 3 Series provides forced air heating, air conditioning, and even generates a portion of your home’s hot water (optional)—all from a single unit that offers a level of comfort and savings that’s significantly greater than any ordinary system. All 3 Series products utilize environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant and the best in system components, including the next generation of WaterFurnace controls, Aurora. Aurora controls provide two-way communication between components, resulting in remarkable troubleshooting capabilities. The 3 Series upholds the standards we’ve set over three decades and the trust associated with the WaterFurnace name and offers it all at a great value.

  • Why Choose West Coast Geothermal: Your Trusted Geothermal Equipment Dealer

    Expertise in Geothermal Solutions
    At West Coast Geothermal, we pride ourselves on being more than just a seller of geothermal equipment. Our in-depth knowledge of geothermal technology ensures that we provide not only the best products but also the expertise to match. We understand how geothermal systems utilize the earth’s stable temperatures to deliver efficient heating and cooling solutions, making us the go-to experts in the Vancouver, BC area.

    Tailored Solutions for Your Needs
    Every space is unique, and so are its heating and cooling requirements. As a leading dealer, we specialize in offering tailored geothermal solutions. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking sustainable living or a business looking to reduce energy costs, our team is equipped to guide you to the perfect geothermal system that aligns with your specific needs.

    Comprehensive Customer Service
    Our commitment to customer service sets us apart. From the moment you reach out to us, through the installation process, and beyond, we ensure a seamless and supportive experience. Our team is dedicated to answering your queries, addressing concerns, and providing continuous support to ensure your satisfaction and comfort.

    Professional Installation and Support
    West Coast Geothermal doesn’t just stop at sales. We offer professional installation services and ongoing support. Our skilled technicians ensure that your geothermal system is set up efficiently and functions optimally. Plus, we’re always here to help with regular maintenance or any support you may need.

    Staying Ahead in the Market
    The world of geothermal technology is always evolving. We stay abreast of the latest trends, consumer demands, and regulatory changes to ensure that we are offering the most current and effective solutions. This commitment helps us provide you with the best options available in the market.

    Certified and Trained Professionals
    Our team is comprised of certified professionals who have undergone extensive training in geothermal systems. We adhere to the highest safety standards and technical guidelines, ensuring that every installation and service we provide is of the utmost quality.

    Promoting Sustainable Living
    At West Coast Geothermal, we are not just selling equipment; we’re promoting a sustainable way of living. By choosing us, you’re opting for an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution for your heating and cooling needs. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the benefits of advanced geothermal technology.