Waterfurnace 3 Series

Waterfurnace 3 Series

Geothermal Application: Residential

Maximize Value and Performance with the WaterFurnace 3 Series®

Experience the perfect blend of affordability and high performance with the WaterFurnace 3 Series®.

Drawing on 30 years of research, engineering innovations, and manufacturing expertise, these units are priced within reach while delivering exceptional quality.

The dual capacity 300A11 model stands out with its impressive efficiencies — up to 22.3 EER for cooling and 4.1 COP for heating in closed loop conditions (escalating to 27.3 EER and 4.5 COP for open loop). These figures surpass those of standard conditioning systems, ensuring that you benefit from superior performance. The integrated Aurora communicating controls simplify setup, troubleshooting, and diagnosis, making life easier for contractors and providing you with reliability and confidence.

All 3 Series units boast an ENERGY STAR® rating and are the product of the HVAC industry’s exclusive in-house EPA/ENERGY STAR Recognized Laboratory. These units not only excel in performance but also in sustainability, using the natural energy stored in your yard to deliver up to 70% savings on heating, cooling, and hot water costs.

Elevate your experience with Symphony by WaterFurnace — a comprehensive system monitoring solution that brings internet connectivity to your unit. With Symphony, you have access to all necessary data at your fingertips, enabling you to control, monitor, and troubleshoot your WaterFurnace system from anywhere. This cloud-based technology requires no software installation and offers complete control over your geothermal system, far beyond the capabilities of typical ‘smart thermostat’ systems.

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