Commercial Geothermal Heating, Cooling & Ventilation (HVAC) Service

West Coast Geothermal is a leader in British Columbia’s geothermal industry where we provide innovative ideas and supply education on a variety of industrial and commercial geothermal heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) systems.

Throughout British Columbia and Alberta, West Coast Geothermal has been providing consulting, design engineering and installation services for a variety of industrial and commercial construction projects. We are based our of Maple Ridge, BC and provide services throughout the Greater Vancouver Area, Fraser Valley and lower mainland BC. We travel to surrounding areas in Northern and Central, BC and in to Alberta for a variety of projects.

As an experienced and accomplished Geothermal contractor, we are able to provide a variety of heating and cooling systems (HVAC) and geothermal services, it is our experience with various processes that make us efficient in delivering the right solution for your project.

The majority of our clients are architects, builders and contractors for new housing projects, commercial and industrial projects. Construction we have worked on include hotels, schools, agriculture, Oil and Gas, Power and Municipal government.

West Coast Geothermal is a member of the Canadian Geoexchange Coalition, the most recognized geothermal training, education, and information body in Canada.

All of our staff are certified under the CGC (Canadian Geothermal Coalition), TECA and ITA programs. We have factory training & certification for the installation of several major manufacturers of Geothermal Heat Pumps and Hydronic equipment.

Commercial Geothermal Services

Our list of services includes:

  1. Design
  2. Engineering
  3. Geothermal Installation
    1. HVAC
    2. Hydronic
    3. Geothermal
    4. Loop Installation
    5. Fluid Distribution
    6. Floor Tubing Installation
    7. Pressure Testing
    8. System Controls
  4. Sales
  5. Equipment Consulting
  6. Technical support and systems training

Geothermal Design-Build

Designing and installing a geothermal system requires a review of the heating and cooling loads of a building. We work with various stakeholders to determine needs and review options for the best method in building a geothermal heating and cooling system. We review your plans and test building site to see what viable options are available.

Factors for design include reviewing your requirements, expected operational efficiency, your budget, timelines and various mechanical configurations.

Geothermal Installation

Installation of geothermal heat pumps require a specific skill set that requires a close partnership between the equipment supplier and the contractor installer. As one of British
Columbia’s largest Nextenergy dealers, West Coast Geothermal has a long standing relationship with Climatemaster products and accessories.

Commercial Geothermal Equipment Dealer

West Coast Geothermal leads the way in helping Commercial clients with the latest in heating and cooling technology such as Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) that are energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly method of heating and air-conditioning of buildings

Having worked with a variety of geothermal and HVAC equipment, we are confident in recommending systems, parts and equipment designed to make your next project a success. We are familiar with a number of commercial water source heat pumps that are engineered for high efficiency operation while maintaining a small footprint.


We are the largest WaterFurnace dealer west of Manitoba with a variety of satisfied clients in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. WaterFurnace provides residential, commercial and variety of accessories that include thermostats, real-time WiFI enabled system controls, hot water and hydronic storage tanks designed for consistent water temperature, anti-freeze for ground loop systems and energy performance monitoring systems.


West Coast Geothermal is one of BC’s largest dealers and we have a long standing relationship with Climatemaster products, equipment and accessories.

Professional Geothermal Contractors

Our team specializes in heat pumps, process piping, pressure vessels, tanks, industurial process equipment and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Our local Geothermal contracting company has on staff that are factory trained and certified professionals for installation of a variety of Geothermal Heat Pumps and Hydronic Equipment. All employees are certified under the Canadian Geothermal Coalition (CGC), Thermal Environmental Comfort Association (TECA) and Industry Training Authority (ITA) programs.

West Coast Geothermal Promise

We are committed to building and designing the best quality, highest efficiency site specific energy systems available in today’s market.

We promote environmentally friendly green energy and help our clients make informed decisions on what type of geothermal systems is best for their business.

We are committed to on-going education, development and growth of geothermal projects in British Columbia.

We take pride in our professional staff and seasoned experts and believe strongly in the value that geothermal energy brings to British Columbia.

West Coast Geothermal