Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump Versatec 500 WSHP

Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump Versatec 500 WSHP

Geothermal Application: Commercial

Discover the Compact Power of Versatec 500 WSHP

Introducing the Versatec 500 by WaterFurnace – a game-changer in the world of geothermal heat pumps. Meticulously engineered for both retrofit and new construction applications, the Versatec 500 combines space-saving design with cost-effectiveness, making it an ingenious solution for your heating and cooling needs.

Compact Design, Maximized Efficiency Our commitment to innovation is evident in the Versatec 500’s compact footprint, one of the smallest in the industry. With size reductions of up to 48% in certain models, this heat pump not only saves valuable space but also fits through standard doors, making installation a breeze. Imagine the possibilities with the extra space saved – more room for your design aspirations or operational needs.

State-of-the-Art Components for Unparalleled Performance At the heart of the Versatec 500 are components designed for peak efficiency and reliability:

  • High-Efficiency Plenum Fan: A backward curve driven design eliminates overload risks and maintenance-heavy components, ensuring uniform airflow and superior efficiency.
  • Brushless DC Electric Motor: Adjusts speed according to need, offering quieter performance, reduced maintenance, and high electrical efficiency.
  • Innovative Aurora Controls: Lead the industry with direct drive technology for superior superheat control and energy monitoring capabilities.

Features Tailored for Excellence The Versatec 500 is not just about efficiency; it’s about enhancing the user experience with features like:

  • Interlaced All-Aluminum Air Coils: Ensure better performance and longevity, free from formicary corrosion.
  • Waterside Economizer Option: Provides cost-effective cooling and extends compressor life, adhering to state and local regulations.
  • Modulating Reheat and Dual Capacity: For comfortable, humidity-controlled air and uninterrupted operation.

With the Versatec 500, experience a blend of compact design and robust performance, all packaged in an economically savvy solution.

Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump Versatec 500 WSHP Features

  • Compact Design: Up to 48% smaller footprint, fitting through standard doors for ease of installation.
  • High-Efficiency Plenum Fan: Backward curve design for greater efficiency and reduced maintenance.
  • Brushless DC Electric Motor: Variable speed for quieter, efficient performance and less maintenance.
  • Aurora Controls: Industry-leading design with energy monitoring and superior superheat control.
  • Interlaced All-Aluminum Air Coils: Enhanced performance and durability, preventing formicary corrosion.
  • Waterside Economizer: Economical cooling option that extends compressor life.
  • Modulating Reheat: Removes humidity for comfortable air.
  • Dual Capacity: Continuous operation with single or dual compressors.
  • Coaxial Heat Exchanger: Improved heat transfer and efficiency.
  • IntelliZone2 Capability: Perfect temperature control in up to 4 separate zones.

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