Versatec 700 WSHP Variable Speed

Versatec 700 WSHP Variable Speed

Geothermal Application: Commercial

Elevate Your Building’s Efficiency with Unmatched Performance

Versatec 700 Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) – a state-of-the-art solution in geothermal technology. Designed for commercial applications, the Versatec 700 is engineered to deliver industry-leading efficiencies and unparalleled capacity control, setting new benchmarks in environmental sustainability and operational excellence.

Variable Capacity for Ultimate Efficiency

  • Advanced Technology: Featuring variable capacity compressors with a 25-100% capacity range or 4:1 turn down, the Versatec 700 seamlessly adapts to your building’s needs.
  • LEED Point Maximization: Ideal for projects targeting LEED certification, our system offers high efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint and energy costs.

Optimum Performance in All Conditions

  • Precision Control: With variable capacity compression and balanced port bidirectional electronic expansion valves, expect precise temperature control and active dehumidification.
  • Adaptive Performance: The system self-adjusts to maintain optimal comfort levels, ensuring a consistently pleasant environment.

Flexible, Factory-Installed Options

  • Economizer Option: Our water side economizer provides free cooling when conditions are right, enhancing efficiency.
  • Customization: Choose from secondary drain connections and internal water valves or flow regulators tailored for variable speed pumping systems.

Unique Variable Speed Fan

  • Industry-Leading Design: The 460-volt 5-Speed ECM reduces labor costs, especially in retrofit scenarios, a unique offering in the industry.
  • Energy-Efficient Operation: Enjoy reduced energy consumption without compromising on air delivery and temperature accuracy.

Reliability is Key

  • Durable Components: All-aluminum rifled tube-and-fin air coils and corrosion-proof drain pans ensure a long, reliable operational life.
  • Peace of Mind: Trust in a system designed for longevity in demanding commercial settings.

Intelligent Aurora Controls

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Keep tabs on energy usage, refrigerant, and performance, gaining insights into system operations.
  • Integration Ready: Easily connect with existing building automation systems for seamless operation and control.

Enhanced Features for Your Needs

  • Extra Protection: Opt for AlumiSeal coated air coils, phase guards, and power disconnects for added security.
  • Quiet Operation: Our multi-density compressor blanket and optional sound kit significantly reduce noise levels.

Elevate your commercial space with the Versatec 700 WSHP from West Coast Geothermal. Embrace the future of geothermal technology and experience unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and performance. Contact us today to learn more about how the Versatec 700 can transform your building’s energy management.

Versatec 700 WSHP Variable Speed Features

  • Variable Capacity Compressors: 25-100% capacity range or 4:1 turn down for optimal efficiency.
  • Optimum Performance: Precise temperature control and active dehumidification with variable capacity compression and electronic expansion valves.
  • Flexible Factory-Installed Options: Including a water side economizer for free cooling and customizable internal components.
  • Unique Variable Speed Fan: 460-volt 5-Speed ECM for reduced labor costs and energy-efficient operation.
  • Reliability: Durable all-aluminum rifled tube-and-fin air coils and corrosion-proof drain pans for long-term reliability.
  • Aurora Controls: Advanced monitoring for energy, refrigerant, and performance; compatible with building automation systems.
  • Coated Coil Option: AlumiSeal coated aluminum air coil for additional protection.
  • Phase Guard Protection: Factory-mounted device to safeguard the compressor against phase loss.
  • Power Disconnect: Internally mounted non-fused power dial disconnect for convenience.
  • IntelliStart Soft Starter: Reduces start current by up to 60% for extended compressor life.
  • Painted Cabinet Option: Durable powder-coat protection for a sleek finish.
  • Multi-Density Compressor Blanket & Sound Kit: Standard super quiet sound package with an optional Sound Kit for additional noise dampening.

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