NetZero Ground Source Heat Pump

NetZero Ground Source Heat Pump

Geothermal Application: Commercial, Residential

NetZero Basic
Inverter Driven Water to Water Heat Pump – Ground Source Geothermal Heat Pump

NetZero+ heat pumps allow to cover in an integrated way all the thermal needs of current buildings, as well domestic as industrial.

Ecoforest offers a domestic and residential range of ground source heat pumps that can reduce up to 80% of a house’s energy consumption, utilizing a renewable energy source to minimize CO2 emissions.

The thermal power control can modulate within a large range (20-100%) and control the flow of the brine and the production circuit. The compact design includes the brine and production circulating pumps, the brine and production expansion vessels (8l and 12l for brine and production circuits respectively), brine and production security valves, and the three-way valve for the DHW. Integrated energy meters measure electric consumption, heating/cooling thermal power, COP, and monthly and annual SPF.

Compact and easy to install, the geothermal heat pump retains all the controls necessary to regulate your house temperature. Thanks to Inverter technology and ecoGEO control strategies, the ground source heat pump ecoGEO is the most versatile and intelligent heat pump available in the market. Unlike traditional heat pumps, the ecoGEO adapts to the needs of the installation.

NetZero Ground Source Heat Pump Features

The geothermal system comes equipped with advanced features for efficient and customizable heating and cooling solutions. With Carel inverter technology and a Copeland scroll compressor, it ensures precise and reliable performance. The system's flexibility is enhanced by integrated variable speed circulator pumps, while the electronic expansion valve optimizes refrigerant flow for efficiency. Additional benefits include passive cooling options, pool/spa heating, and a 3-way valve for heat/DHW generation. The built-in noise insulation kit ensures a quieter operation, and features like Easynet WiFi connectivity and integrated energy meters provide advanced control and monitoring capabilities. With the ability to operate in various modes, including ground-source, aerothermal-source, or hybrid, this geothermal system delivers versatile and energy-efficient solutions for heating and cooling needs.
  • Carel Inverter Technology: Ensures precise and efficient control of the system.
  • Copeland Scroll Compressor: Delivers reliable and high-performance compression.
  • Electronic Expansion Valve: Enhances system efficiency through precise refrigerant flow control.
  • Integrated Variable Speed Circulator Pumps: Provides flexibility and efficiency in water circulation.
  • Alfal Lavel Asymmetrical Plate HX: Ensures efficient heat exchange for optimal performance.
  • pCOOEM+ Carel Control: Offers advanced and user-friendly system control.
  • Active Heating and Cooling: Enables both heating and cooling operations as needed.
  • Passive Cooling (Optional) and Pool/Spa Heating: Provides additional cooling options and supports pool/spa heating.
  • 3-Way Valve for Heat/DHW Generation: Controls heat and domestic hot water generation through a 3-way valve.
  • DHW via Patented HTR Technology: Ensures efficient and reliable domestic hot water production.
  • Built-in Noise Insulation Kit: Minimizes operational noise for a quieter experience.
  • Easynet WiFi Internet Connectivity: Enables remote monitoring and control through internet connectivity.
  • Built-in Energy Meters: Monitors electric consumption, heating/cooling thermal power, COP, and more.
  • Integrated Cascade Control of Up to 3 Units: Allows seamless coordination of multiple units for extended power range.
  • Ground-Source, Aerothermal-Source, or Hybrid Mode: Offers versatile source options for optimal performance in different environments.

NetZero Ground Source Heat Pump Technical

Technical Characteristics
  • Power Range: 1-9 kW / 3-12 kW / 5-22 kW
  • Heating Production (COP): Up to 4.9 (model-dependent)
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Power Supply: Single-phase 230V-60 Hz
  • Weight: 185-193 Kg
  • Noise Level: 35 to 46 dB
  • Applications: Heating, Domestic Hot Water (DHW), Active and Passive Cooling, Pool/Spa Heating
The ecoGEO heat pump series offers a versatile solution with a power range of 1-9 kW to 5-22 kW, ensuring efficient heating production with a performance (COP) of up to 4.9, depending on the model. The system provides quick and intelligent control through the internet using the ecoSMART easynet module. Compatible with energy managers ecoSMART e-manager and e-system, it allows the utilization of renewable-produced electricity for ecoGEO's operation. The heat pump covers various applications, including active and passive cooling, pool/spa heating, and domestic hot water production with an external cylinder. With additional features like integrated cascade control, single-phase, and three-phase power supply options, the ecoGEO series stands as a reliable and adaptable choice for diverse heating and cooling needs.

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