West Coast Geothermal offers a complete
line of residential and commercial heating and cooling systems that can lower utility bills, improve indoor air quality, and reduce environmental impact.

A geothermal heating system will provide year round comfort and deliver excellent energy efficiency. Consider the possibility of living in a “flameless” home—no combustibles, no fossil fuels being consumed, no carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere and no risk of carbon monoxide being generated.
Geothermal heat pumps require only electricity to operate. Owing to the COP (coefficient of performance) of these systems, by using the thermal energy of the earth a typical heat pump can reduce heating and cooling energy consumption within a home by up to 60-70%.
As energy costs continue to rise over the coming years the cost savings will only increase. A properly designed and installed geothermal heating and cooling system will provide a perpetual source of cost effective, environmentally friendly home heating and cooling.
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Symphony Home Comfort Platform
Symphony Home Comfort Platform
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The Conservation Way
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